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Rent 2 Recover offers walker for hire. An option to rather rent equipment on a short term basis for the recovery period seemed a lot more affordable and convenient. We also have a wide range of medical equipment available for purchase. The purchase option offers a guaranteed buyback. (T’s and C’s apply).

Rent2Recover - Walker
A walker is a type of mobility aid used to help people who are still able to walk (e.g. don’t require a wheelchair) yet need assistance. It is a four-legged frame that allows a person to lean on it for balance, support, and rest.

Walkers are usually made out of aluminum so they are light enough to be picked up and moved easily. They often have comfort grips made of foam, gel, or rubber to enhance the user’s comfort.

The tips of the legs are typically covered with rubber caps that are designed to prevent slipping and improve stability.

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Did you know that we can deliver anywhere in SA 

Renting to recover from an injury without injuring your bank account. There’s no need to invest thousands of your hard earned rands into expensive equipment that you won’t need forever.

Rent2Recover - Walker

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